Dinner menu

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Guacamole with green banana chips • R$ 28.00

Burrata with confit cherry tomatoes, pesto and bread • R$ 42.00


Confort soup • R$ 28.00
Cabotiá pumpkin cream with chestnut milk, leek, curry and quinoa. Accompanied by naturally fermented breads.

House salad • R$ 28.00
Mixed leaves, vegetables (carrot / tomato / red onion / radish / cucumber), beet hommus, smoked tofu, mustard sauce and house pita bread.

Melted nut cheese • R$ 28.00
Nut cheese accompanied by grilled vegetables.

Chikpea pancake • R$ 28.00
Chickpea and almond flour pancake.
Served with dill chestnut cream and chickpeas.


Charred cauliflower with tzatziki • R$ 46.00
Grilled cauliflower in tzatziki sauce. Accompanied by Moroccan pilaf with pumpkin, peas and almonds.

Taleggio cheese and vegetables ravioli • R$ 46.00
Homemade whole wheat pasta with turmeric, stuffed with sautéed vegetables (ora-pro-nóbis, spinach and leeks), Taleggio cheese, chunky tomatoes sauce and basil.

Palm heart medallion • R$ 46.00
Mashed peas and zucchini gratinated palm heart medallion, with turmeric chestnut cream, grilled eryngui, confit tomatoes and quinoa farofa.

Red Risotto • R$ 46.00
Red rice, gorgonzola, walnuts, dried pears and shiitake.
 nut cheese

Edamame Rosti • R$38.00 
Edamame and green banana biomass burger, nut cheese, caramelized onions, charred tomatoes and mushrooms. Accompanied by rustic potatoes and green salad with mustard sauce.