Lunch Menu

Tuesday (06/18)

Shimeji sautéed in olive oil with shoyu and nirá, brown and red rice, purple beans, pumpkin baked in our brick oven with nut cheese.


Wednesday (06/19)

Vegetables curry with organics mushrooms, organics tempeh and tofu, black rice with sunflower seeds, cauliflower with orange and ginger sauce, sesame and peanuts.


Thursday (06/20)

Cauliflower, zucchini and shitake terrine with nut sauce and dill, black rice with Sicilian lemon and baked tomatoes in our brick oven.


Friday (06/21)

Palm heart stroganoff with mushrooms and green banana biomass, brown and red rice, broccoli with garlic olive oil, rustic potatoes baked in our brick oven. (Vegan option with nut cream).


Saturday (06/22)

Black paella with golden vegetables: black rice, peas, artichoke, roasted peppers, onion with hijiki algae and pepper, carrots, charred tomatoes, marinated mushrooms and cashew nuts marinated in saffron.


Sunday (06/23)

Mini basket with creamy mushrooms, Mediterranean barley risotto and mini vegetables charred with tahine sauce.




Tuesday (06/18)

Quinoa fusilli with lemon and nut sauce, marinated zucchini, concassé tomatoes with basil pesto and mustard leaves sautéed in garlic olive oil.


Wednesday  (06/19)

Season risotto: brown arborio rice with pumpkin, marinated tomatoes, sautéed peas and palm heart medallion gratin with goat cheese.


Thursday (06/20)

Mezzaluna stuffed with camembert, pear and walnuts with butter and herbs sauce and leek crispy.


Friday  (06/21)

Cavatelli with vegetables (peas, cherry tomatoes confit, marinated zucchini and charred peppers) and cashew nut sauce with fungi.


Saturday (06/22)

Pumpkin and quinoa kibbeh stuffed with spinach sautéed in garlic, nut cheese and champignon. Accompanied with palm heart spaghetti with herbs and cherry tomatoes confit.


Sunday (06/23)

Ravioli stuffed with vegetables and buffalo mozzarella with tomato sauce, basil and parmesan.


Dessert of the day. (Ask the waiter)

*  Vegan or adaptable vegan dish.



Guacamole and green banana chips • R$ 26.00
Banana Verde tapas • R$ 39.00

Bread and Swedish crispbread, bell pepper and walnut pate, hommus, eggplant caviar, marinated olives and petit fromage.
 nut cheese
Burrata with gergeliko • R$ 46.00
Creamy mozzarella with basil pesto, charred cherry tomatoes and Swedish crispbread.


Warm salad • R$ 28.00
Gratinated endive with goat cheese, mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, red onion with mustard and sugar cane syrup sauce and sunflower seeds.
Spring salad • R$ 28.00
Carrots and palm heart strips with garlic olive oil, sauté mushrooms, radicchio, lemon sauce and black garlic granola.


HOMEMADE PASTAS prepared with whole wheat and organic eggs:
Pumpkin Flower • R$ 46.00
Pumpkin, curd cheese, garlic, sage butter, Brazil nuts and parmesan.
Green Ravioli • R$ 46.00
Mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmesan and basil.
Beet Agnolotti • R$ 46.00
Beet, camembert, pistachio butter and parmesan.


Red Risotto • R$ 44.00
Red rice, gorgonzola, walnuts, dried pears and shiitake.
 nut cheese
Black Risotto • R$ 44.00
Black rice, wood-fired oven baked pumpkin, mushrooms, brie, and pumpkin popcorn.
 nut cheese


Zucchini • R$ 36.00
Bread, baked zucchini, goat cheese, charred tomatoes and salad with mustard sauce.
 nut cheese
Mushrooms • R$ 36.00
Bread, marinated mushrooms, mozzarella, charred tomatoes, caramelized onions and salad with mustard sauce.

 nut cheese



We prioritize organic and artisan ingredients from local and small producers.
All our breads are made using natural fermentation.