Lunch Menu

Tuesday (01/21)

Pumpkin quibebe with shimeji and nirá, brown and black rice, purple beans stew, nuts farofa and escarole sautéed in garlic olive oil.

Wednesday (01/22)

Artichoke puff with zucchini, walnuts, Gruyère cheese and broccoli. Accompanied with sautéed shitake and mashed carrot with ginger.

Thursday (01/23)

Jackfruit meat with wood sauce and champignons, charred leek and carrot, brown rice and beaten potatoes.

Friday (01/24)

Grilled eryngui, baked pumpkin with nut sauce with dill, black rice, mini carrot and cherry tomatoes.

Saturday (01/25)

Roasted eggplant with nut and dill sauce, brown rice with lentils and caramelized onions, pod with Sicilian lemon olive oil, quinoa farofa with vegetables.

Sunday (01/26)

Palm heart gratin with leek and parmesan cream, mashed zucchini, grilled shitake and confit tomatoes.

Tuesday (01/21)

Quinoa spaghetti with nut sauce with lemon, saffron olive oil and sautéed vegetables (asparagus, peas and green beans).

Wednesday  (01/22)

Season risotto: brown arborio rice with pumpkin, marinated tomatoes, sautéed peas and palm heart medallion gratin with goat cheese. ( Vegan option with nut cheese).

Thursday (01/23)

Sweet potato noodles in kimichi sauce, grilled vegetables (pea, leek, peppers, and broccoli) and grilled shitake.

Friday  (01/24)

Palm heart spaghetti with nut cheese with green banana biomass, broccoli sautéed with garlic olive oil, confit cherry tomatoes and zucchini and sunflower seeds.

Saturday (01/25)

Palm heart and zucchini lasagna with tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes and basil pesto. ( Vegan option with nut cheese).

Sunday (01/26) 

Brown arborio rice risotto with artichokes, champignons, leek and parmesan cheese. ( Vegan option with nut cheese).

Dessert of the day. (Ask the waiter)

*  Vegan or adaptable vegan dish.



Guacamole and green banana chips • R$ 28.00

Burrata with gergeliko • R$ 42.00
Creamy mozzarella with basil pesto, charred cherry tomatoes and Swedish crispbread.


Warm salad • R$ 28.00
Gratinated endive with goat cheese, mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, red onion with mustard and sugar cane syrup sauce and sunflower seeds.

Spring salad • R$ 28.00
Carrots and palm heart strips with garlic olive oil, sauté mushrooms, radicchio, lemon sauce and black garlic granola.


Pumpkin Flower • R$ 46.00
Homemade whole wheat pasta stuffed with pumpkin, curd cheese, garlic, sage butter, Brazil nuts and parmesan.

Taleggio cheese and vegetables ravioli • R$ 46.00
Homemade whole wheat pasta with turmeric, stuffed with sautéed vegetables (ora-pro-nóbis, spinach and leeks), Taleggio cheese, chunky tomato sauce and basil.

Red Risotto • R$ 44.00
Red rice, gorgonzola, walnuts, dried pears and shiitake.
 nut cheese