Antioxidant Juice • R$ 15.00
Jabuticaba, lemon grass, coconut water, sugar cane syrup.
Detox juice • R$ 19.00
Linseed, ginger, coconut water, mint and wheatgrass.
Rejuvenating juice • R$ 14.00
Pear, coconut water, ginger and carrot.
Banana Verde lemonade • R$ 14.00
Sicilian lemon, coconut water, ginger and sugar cane syrup.
Iced tea • R$ 12.00
Organic blend tea with mint, lemon, ginger and brown sugar.
Jamaican water • R$ 14.00
Iced hibiscus tea with sugar cane syrup and fruit.


Fresh fruits • R$ 9.50
Watermelon, passion fruit, orange, mango and pineapple.
Special (seasonal)
 • R$ 11.50
White Grape Juice
Glass • 
R$ 11.90
Bottle • 
R$ 28.90
Kombucha tea and ginger beer • R$ 15,00
Varied flavors, ask the waiter.
Coconut water • R$ 8.00
(Add flavors: mint, ginger or lemon grass)
Mineral water (still or sparkling) • R$ 5.00


Lime and lemon grass caipirinha • R$ 26.00
Traditional mixture with cachaça or vodka, lime and lemon grass.
Cambuci crushed ice • R$ 26.00
With vodka or cachaça and cambuci fruit. Refreshing and sour!
Grape and basil caipirinha • R$ 28.00
Fresh fruit, basil and cachaça or vodka.
Yellow tropical fruits caipirinha • R$ 29.00
Yellow fruits, slice ginger and vodka or cachaça.

Banana Verde punch
Classic recipe with fresh fruits and red or white wine.
Glass • R$ 23.00
Jar • R$ 64.00